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Spine Care

JFK Medical Center Spine Institute

Back and neck pain can be debilitating and life altering, and have become two of the major health problems in modern society. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from chronic back or neck pain do not get relief from traditional, non-surgical care.

At the JFK Medical Center Spine Institute, our goal is to help individuals who suffer from acute and chronic back and neck pain to eliminate pain from their daily routine. Our teams of experts use the latest advancements in diagnostics and treatment to help patients conquer the pain and regain their life.

The Spine institute at JFK Medical Center is a program of distinction focused on the evaluation and treatment of several spine disorders. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with the most advanced equipment available, anywhere. Each week, our first-rate surgeons, along with a team of highly-trained medical staff, perform many spinal procedures, including:

  • Cervical/Lumbar Fusions
    Cervical/Lumbar Fusions hinder motion at a painful vertebral segment. By adding bone graft to an area of the spine, a biological response is put into motion. The bone graft will grow between the elements and fuse which, in turn, stops the motion at that segment. Many other conditions are treated by Cervical/Lumbar Fusions, including fractures, deformity, scoliosis, and a weak or unstable spine (caused by infections or tumors).
  • Cervical/Lumbar Laminectomies
    A Laminectomy (or sometimes called Open Decompression) is typically performed on the cervical, thoracic or lumbar sections of the spine to alleviate pain. The surgery is designed to remove a small vertebra over the nerve root, or disc material under the nerve root. This gives the nerve root added space, as well as a more suitable healing environment.
  • Discectomy
    Discectomy surgery involves the removal of herniated disc material that is pressing on the spinal cord or a nerve. Removal of this material relieves pain from spinal-cord stresses or radiating nerves.
  • Percutaneous Lumbar Fusion
    A Percutaneous Lumbar Fusion is a minimally-invasive surgery that uses fluoroscopic guidance, bone grafting, discectomy, and insertion of a fixation device through a trocar passed through a minor incision near the base of the coccyx. This surgery removes nerve pressure, reduces pain, restores function, and provides more rapid patient recovery.
  • Artificial Disc
    Artificial disc replacement surgery can be performed on the lower back or the neck. This surgery is necessary when chronic back pain from a herniated disc proves unrelenting. The procedure involves replacing the painful disc with an artificial disc, which offers pain relief without hindering the spine's normal anatomical structure.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques
    Minimally Invasive surgery (or Key Hole Surgery) is a technique in which operations are performed through small incisions using an endoscope. The surgeon can see the area being operated on, and use a variety of surgical instruments through the scope.
  • Kyphoplasty
    Kyphoplasty is a medical spinal procedure done to relieve the pain of vertebral compression fractures (VCF). The procedure consists of bone cement being injected through a small hole in the skin into a fractured vertebra with the goal of relieving severe pain.
  • X-Stop
    The X-STOP is designed to alleviate painful symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis. This minimally-invasive procedure involves the insertion of a device into the back of the spine to prevent a patient from bending too far backward at the narrowed segment.

The Spine Institute at JFK Medical Center boasts a highly-experienced team of doctors and medical professionals, including:

Ramin Abdolvahabi, MD, Ph.D
3319 State Road 7 Suite 313
Wellington, FL 33449
(561) 433-4444

Steven Chang, MD
5511 S. Congress Ave, Suite 101
Atlantis, FL 33462
(561) 964-0436

Gerard D’Ariano, MD
4801 South Congress Avenue
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 967-6500

Steven Dutcher, DO, Ph.D
3319 State Road 7 Suite 313
Wellington, FL 33449
(561) 433-4444

Joshua Kouri, MD
3319 State Road 7 Suite 313
Wellington, FL 33449
(561) 433-4444