H C A E A S T F L O R I D A : P A L M B E A C H C O U N T Y
breasts, which eliminates the need to return
to obtain the highest-quality images. In addition,
our PACS technology allows physicians to view
and manipulate images simultaneously, even
from separate locations.
Wound Management
West Palm Hospital specializes in the treatment of
non-healing wounds. Our specially trained physicians
and nurses develop effective, up-to-date treatment
plans to assist in the healing process of specific
types of wounds. Following a medical review, our
team of caring professionals helps with decisions
regarding wound care, including dressing
instructions, home care, and wound prevention
education. Weekly monitoring of progress enables
the team to make adjustments to care to provide
the fastest results.
Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
Outpatient rehabilitation services at West Palm
Hospital offer individualized and comprehensive
physical, occupational and speech therapy. Our
team is committed to providing professional and
compassionate care in a one-on-one setting.
Therapeutic plans are developed to help patients
achieve the highest level of functional independence.
Physical therapy services are available for orthopedic,
neurologic and neuromuscular conditions including
neck/back pain, arthritis, preoperative care,
postoperative care, traumatic injuries, sports
injuries, balance deficiencies, stroke rehabilitation
and osteoporosis. Occupational therapy is available
for those with a decline in the ability to perform
activities of daily living, such as self-feeding,
bathing, grooming and dressing. Services are also
available for the treatment of acute or chronic injuries
of shoulders or hands. Speech therapy is provided
by a certified speech language pathologist to meet
the individual needs of patients with deficits in
speech, language, cognition and/or swallowing.
Video fluoroscopic swallow studies are available
in conjunction with the radiology department.
Individuals requiring any rehabilitation treatment
must be referred by a physician and have a signed
prescription from that professional.
Volunteer Program
Our volunteers are the lifeblood of West Palm
Hospital. They provide support services that
are vital to providing daily care and comfort
to our patients. We are always seeking
volunteers to give their time and have many
ongoing and short-term options available.
“From the time I entered
the hospital and
throughout my surgery
and recovery every
encounter with hospital
staff was handled with
skill, respect and
compassion. The
staff was
and attentive.
It’s clear that
they put their
heart and soul
into their work.”
Edward Hundredmark
Hip Replacement Patient
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