I am honored to be a part of Palms West Hospital,
a facility that is dedicated to providing quality health
care to the patients of the Western Communities.
This is an exciting year for Palms West Hospital,
as we are about to complete a 32-bed expansion
project, which will bring us to 204 total beds.
This will increase capacity in our pediatric
department and pediatric ICU, adult medical/
surgical department, adult ICU, and the laboratory.
We are excited about this expansion and look forward
to the benefits that this will bring to our patients
and the community for many years to come.
It is our mission here at Palms West Hospital to make
your experience safe, secure and as comfortable as
possible. It is a privilege to serve you and your family,
and we look forward to continuing to be here for
your healthcare needs throughout 2013.
Eric Goldman
Chief Executive Officer
Palms West Hospital
Palms West
Palms West Hospital has provided healthcare
excellence since 1986. We are a thriving,
comprehensive, acute care hospital offering
a wide range of specialty services. What truly makes
Palms West Hospital special is our people; a team of
compassionate, dedicated healthcare professionals
working toward a central focus, our patients. We
continue to grow and expand while offering the
latest technological advances, patient safety
initiatives and the best in healthcare to our patients.
Emergency Department
Palms West Hospital offers 24-hour emergency
services with specially trained physicians, nurses
and support staff equipped to handle adult and
pediatric needs. At Palms West Hospital, sick
and injured children receive emergency medical
treatment in a completely separate, child-focused
environment. We are the only hospital within the
Western Communities with a dedicated pediatric
emergency department and the support of a full
continuum of pediatric care with The Children’s
Hospital at Palms West.
Pediatric Care
The Children’s Hospital at Palms West offers a full
complement of healthcare services, including a
dedicated emergency department, pediatric
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