H C A E A S T F L O R I D A : P A L M B E A C H C O U N T Y
Social Media
Social media allows the community
to communicate with us directly. All of
our hospitals can be accessed through
Facebook and Twitter, and there is a video
library on YouTube. Our social media
channels make it simple to stay up-to-date
on our latest technologies, services and
community involvement. Our hospitals’
websites encourage interaction and
provide important information.
Referral & Information
Just a phone call away, our registered nurses are at
your service, providing consultation and prompt
answers to your health-related questions. Our
nurses do not diagnose conditions, but provide
health information in an effort to help you find an
answer to your health questions. Consult-A-Nurse
can provide you with FREE healthcare information
on a variety of subjects.
Whether you’re new to the area or just exploring
your options, Consult-A-Nurse
can help you find a
physician. There are many things you will need to
consider before establishing a relationship with a
physician, including the right medical skills and
experience, someone with whom you and your family
feels comfortable, and office hours and a location to
fit your schedule. When you call Consult-A-Nurse,
staff will provide all the information you need to
make the best decision for you.
Please call 1-800-HCA-DOCS, to reach
for health-related questions
or to find a physician.
iTriage provides access to medical information
on thousands of symptoms, diseases and
medical procedures. It also allows patients to
find emergency room wait times, get healthcare
cost information and view quality reports. iTriage
is available as a free app for iPhone,
& Palm
smartphones or
iNotify offers consumers a fast, convenient way
to notify our HCA facilities of a pending ER visit,
directly from their smartphone. When looking to
iTriage for healthcare answers, a potential patient
can utilize iNotify to convey that they are coming into
the ER for treatment. Through the online system,
iNotify securely alerts the ER triage team of the
pending visit and related illness or injury, which
streamlines the care coordination.
Find a Doctor in 30 seconds or less…
HCA prides itself on combining technology with
community outreach to provide important health
care information to consumers on the go. TIC-DOC
aids consumers in finding HCA doctors and
specialists in their community seamlessly, within
seconds via their mobile phone. Users may search
by doctor, specialty, insurance, hospital or zip code.
Text DOC to 23000.
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