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Cardiac Catheterization
Our new, state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization
(cath) lab is playing a key role in the diagnosis and
treatment of cardiovascular disease as well as the
prevention of heart attack and stroke. Equipped
with the most advanced technologies, including new
digital imaging systems with flat screen technology
our lab enables the medical team to see the workings
of the heart and blood vessels with unprecedented
clarity. If your physician suspects that you have
coronary artery disease, or if you have symptoms
of the disease, several tests are used to make a
diagnosis. If these tests indicate that your heart
is not getting enough of the oxygen that it needs,
cardiac catheterization, also called angiography,
may be suggested.
Behavioral Health Services
The Pavilion, an 88-bed inpatient unit adjacent
to the hospital, offers comprehensive psychiatric
and behavioral health services. Psychiatric needs
of children, adolescents, adults and seniors are
assessed and treated through a full range of
programs, including individual therapy, group
therapy, family therapy, medication management
and aftercare. The Pavilion has 27 licensed beds
focusing on children and adolescents from the ages
of 5 to 17. It is the largest licensed Baker Act receiving
facility accepting children in Palm Beach County. We
recently opened an after-school intensive outpatient
program for teens ages 13 to 17 years old to meet
their academic, social and emotional needs.
General and Vascular Surgery
West Palm Hospital performs highly advanced
inpatient and outpatient general and vascular
surgical procedures. Our surgical team utilizes
minimally invasive surgical methods, including
endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures, to
minimize recovery time and allow a quick return
to a normal routine.
Inpatient Hospice Unit
An inpatient hospice unit, located on the second
floor of the main hospital, offers a homelike setting
with an interdisciplinary team of nurses, physicians,
social workers, a chaplain and volunteers. The unit
can accommodate 11 patients, each with a private
room, and visiting hours are always available for
any age or number of guests.
The Orthopedic & Spine Institute
The Orthopedic & Spine Institute at West Palm
Hospital offers comprehensive, innovative
technological solutions for disorders of the joints,
neck pain, fractures, arthritis, joint discomfort and
back pain. Using the latest advances, our dedicated
professionals can attend to all of your surgical
needs. Our team of experts includes board-certified
orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons with
extensive training, orthopedic-certified/trained
professional nurses, physical therapists and
technicians. The Institute offers support from
pre-admission to post-discharge and the resources
needed to ensure a seamless transition from
hospital to home.
The Breast Care Center
at West Palm Hospital
The Breast Care Center is designed to provide
a comfortable, compassionate environment for
our patients, staff and physicians. The Center
offers a full range of services including digital
mammography, computer-aided detection (CAD)
systems, ultrasound, ultrasound-guided biopsy/cyst
aspiration, stereotactic biopsy, weekly breast-focused
multidisciplinary conferences, second opinion and
surgical consultations, and bone density tests. We
are one of the first hospitals in West Palm Beach to
utilize the HydroMARK, a device used to mark areas
where breast tissue has been removed during a
non-invasive breast biopsy. The HydroMARK is made
of a bioabsorbable material that can be seen under
ultrasound for an extended period of time. We are
proud to offer this innovative device for the benefit
of our patients.
Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Services
The radiology department provides full-service
diagnostic imaging specializing in interventional
and women’s imaging. The department is staffed
by registered licensed technologists of the
American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
and technologists with advanced certification
in CT scan imaging. West Palm’s MRI with EXCITE
technology delivers breakthrough results from
an image-quality, application and enhancement
perspective. The combination of faster and better
scanning can significantly decrease patient time
in the magnet. The VIBRANT MRI component
enables simultaneous, contrast-enhanced
acquisition with high spatial resolution of both
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