Commitment to Our Values



Be honest and do what you say

  • I am trusted by my patients and co-workers
  • I can be counted on to do the right thing
  • My actions are consistent with my words


Be sympathetic to the needs of others

  • I show warmth, friendliness and personal pride in all of my interactions
  • I maintain eye contact, a pleasant expression and calm demeanor even in difficult situations
  • I anticipate the needs of others instead of waiting to be asked
  • I respond to customer requests and concerns in a timely manner
  • I keep my customers informed of progress and delays


Value others and embrace diversity

  • I treat everyone with dignity, valuing each person individually
  • I speak positively of my co-workers in their presence or absence
  • I give my full attention, listen carefully and ask clarifying questions to understand others' perspectives


Take ownership for how actions impact outcomes

  • I arrive on time, ready to focus on assigned duties
  • I present a clean and professional image
  • I keep the work area and surrounding environment clean, safe and quiet
  • I introduce myself to others and wear my badge at all times
  • I explain procedures and sequence of events to customers in clear and understandable terms
  • I follow up to ensure satisfaction and address additional questions or concerns
  • I take ownership of issues and act to achieve positive outcomes
  • I ensure issues are raised to the appropriate level of the organization