JFK Medical Center
November 21, 2017

JFK Medical Center - Main Campus Honors EMS Providers of Palm Beach County

On Wednesday, November 29th at 11:30am, JFK Medical Center - Main Campus will honor EMS Providers of Palm Beach County at their Cardiac Arrest Patient Reunion.

As a way to recognize and show appreciation for the extraordinary efforts EMS Providers perform each and every day to save lives and strengthen the Palm Beach County community, JFK Medical Center will bring the true meaning of healthcare full circle, by reuniting Cardiac Arrest Patients with the EMS Providers, ER physicians and healthcare professionals who cared for them.

"Rarely, do first responders, doctors and healthcare professionals have the opportunity to follow a patient after they are released from our care, so we are very honored to reunite these patients with the heroes who were integral in saving their lives," said Gina Melby, CEO, JFK Medical Center- Main Campus.

During the reunion, each patient's story will be shared and all EMS providers will be honored with a certificate of appreciation.