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JFK Medical Center Celebrates Launch of Cyberknife Center

JFK Medical Center will celebrate the launch of the ONLY hospital-based Cyberknife® center in Palm Beach County Wednesday December 2, 2009 from 5:00PM-7:00PM. Come and see the technology with on-site experts answering questions regarding this emerging technology and treatment.

The CyberKnife® System, offered exclusively at JFK Medical Center as a hospital based program, is not a knife at all, but is an alternative to surgery for the treatment of tumors anywhere in the body.  There are no cuts, but instead high doses of radiation are delivered to the tumor sites with extreme accuracy.

The CyberKnife System offers many benefits to the patient:

  • Pain-free
  • Non-invasive (no cuts into the body)
  • No anesthesia required
  • Outpatient procedure
  • No recovery time
  • Immediate return to normal activity
  • No invasive head or body frame
  • No breath holding during treatment
  • No implanted markers (for most procedures)

The CyberKnife is mounted on a multi-jointed robotic arm that makes it possible to gain access to previously unreachable tumors. The incredible precision of the radiation beams (within the width of a hair!) greatly reduces harm to surrounding healthy tissue.

CyberKnife’s image guidance system is similar to the system used for cruise missile guidance. Now that’s precise! This revolutionary advancement allows the Cyberknife to compensate for slight human movements during the treatment, which enables radiation to be delivered without the use of a stereotactic frame. This spares patients from the pain and inconvenience associated with the conventional head frame that is fixed to the patient's skull.

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