Quality & Patient Safety

While we have made very significant investments in and progress toward reducing errors in hospital care, patient safety continues to be a major focus for the hospitals of HCA East Florida.

In addition to our existing initiatives, efforts are now underway in:

  • Enhancing timeliness of treatment for Sepsis and Stroke
  • Preventing blood clots in patient’s legs (a serious complication after surgery)
  • Enhancing timeliness with emergency care for patients that are admitted
  • Preventing infections related to the care and treatment
  • Assuring competence through training programs for staff and physicians

It is our hope that our proactive efforts will improve the standard of care in the communities we serve and raise the bar on patient safety for the nation. View the Patient Safety Goals of our hospitals.

Our Initiatives:


Patients may access the State of Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration website at this link for information about this facility: www.floridahealthfinder.gov

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