The JFK Comprehensive Cancer Institute has become an Affiliate Member of Cleveland Clinic Foundation for the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG). Being a participating member of the RTOG is both a great honor and responsibility. This membership will provide our patients access to national clinical trials not available via any other source, and it is hoped this will enhance the opportunity for our Cancer Institute to provide our patients the very best in clinical research opportunities.

To receive the most up-to-date information and access to screening for appropriate trials, please contact our clinical research department:

Tonnica Sasanas, RN, BSN

Clinical Research Coordinator

JFK Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Institute
4685 South Congress Ave
Lake Worth, Florida 33461
Phone: (561) 548-1877
Fax: (561) 548-1633

Jill Kinley, APRN, MSN, CCRC

Director of Clinical Research

JFK Medical Center, JFK North, Palms West Hospital
5301 S. Congress Ave
Atlantis, FL 33462
Office: (561) 548-1414
Cell: (561) 319-9024
Fax: (561) 548-1719

How It Works

Clinical trials (or studies) involve human volunteers to help conduct research to answer specific health questions. All trials are carefully conducted, and are the fastest and safest way to find treatments and new ways to improve health.

Clinical trials are conducted according to a plan called a protocol. A protocol describes what types of patients may enter the study; schedules of tests and procedures, drugs/devices, dosages, and length of study, as well as outcomes to be measured. Each person participating in the study must agree to follow the protocol.

It is always your choice to participate in clinical trials, without affecting your standard care. You are also allowed to change your mind at any time, once you are involved a study. The trials that we participate in predominantly require a hospitalization for the disease being studied; during your hospital stay, your physician determines if there is a study that would enhance your care.