The Breast Institute at JFK Medical Center supports patients every step of the way – from diagnosis through treatment. Breast-disorder patients have the opportunity to consult with the appropriate medical experts in surgery, medicine, and radiation oncology, as well as radiologists and nurses. Our highly-trained staff works closely with each patient to plan and execute the most effective course of treatment.

Because we consistently strive to meet and exceed accreditation standards, The Breast Institute at JFK Medical Center has proudly earned the NAPBC accreditation.

Medical Director

June Lee, MD, MBA

Breast Surgeon

NAPBC Accreditation

The Breast Institute at JFK Medical Center participates in the National Accreditation of Breast Centers (NAPBC) that is governed by the American College of Surgeons. This designation is obtained by undergoing a rigorous process of screening, site visits, and ongoing review. The centers are reviewed to ensure that they meet high standards for 17 KEY PROGRAM COMPONENTS of quality care for breast disease.