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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Unique Individuals. Unique Program.

Our Cardiac Rehab experts will work with you to create an individualized, step-by-step program designed to get your heart back in shape and improve the overall quality of your life. By building strength and endurance, you can safely and effectively overcome some of the physical complications associated with certain types of heart disease. Our medically supervised program of exercise and education will also help you reduce your risk of developing heart problems.

Every aspect of our program is designed to speed your recovery. So whether you've had a heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty or angina, we'll develop a program that's perfect for you. Before you know it, you'll be back doing the things you value most. We want to help you live your life to the fullest.

Improving your health. Step by step.

Ours is a multi-step process that involves input from an entire team of professionals. Your team can include your physician, registered nurses, a dietician, and an exercise physiologist.

Our process includes:

  • A medical evaluation to assess your physical abilities, medical limitations, and other relevant conditions.
  • A medically supervised exercise program that includes monitoring of your heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood pressure. Remember exercise increases blood flow to your heart and strengthens your heart's contractions so that it pumps more blood with less effort.
  • Lifestyle education. When appropriate you will work one-on-one with registered nurses, a dietician, and an exercise physiologist to help improve your overall well-being. Healthy lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of experiencing another life-threatening event such as a heart attack or a stroke.
  • We'll provide you with continuous and ongoing support to help you achieve your individual goals. We'll also create a plan for continued progress with your lifestyle and exercise changes after your program is complete

Commonly asked questions:

What do I need to do before exercise class?

Dress in loose fitting clothes and shoes with good support. Do not smoke or drink caffeinated beverages two hours prior to exercise class. Nicotine and caffeine can increase your heart rate. Make sure you eat 1-2 hours before your exercise class. Take all medication as prescribed by your doctors.

What kind of exercise will I be doing?

You will be using your larger muscle groups of the arms and legs to gain more endurance and strength. This is called aerobic exercise. We’ll select a special group of exercises on machines that best suit your needs. You may exercise on treadmills, sitting stair steppers, bicycles, arm machines, or use free weights and stretching bands.

I am exercising at home. Why should I come to Cardiac Rehab?

You will be connected to an EKG monitor while you exercise, so your heart rate and rhythms are closely watched. Your blood pressure and work load are tracked. You will be closely supervised and any concerns about your body’s response to exercise, or to your medications will be relayed by our staff to your doctors. We also help you learn what you can do to decrease your risk of a future heart problem.

How long will I have to attend Cardiac Rehab?

Most people come three times a week for 12-18 weeks, or 36 visits. The length of the program is based on your own rate of progress and sometimes can be limited by insurance coverage.

Who qualifies for Cardiac Rehab?

Individuals with any of the following:

  • Acute myocardial infarction (MI) within 12 months;
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG);
  • Heart transplantation;
  • Percutaneous coronary intervention;
  • Valve replacement or repair;
  • Congestive heart failure (CHF); or
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD) with chronic stable angina pectoris.

Most insurance providers cover Cardiac Rehab services. We will verify your insurance before you enroll.

We’ll help you stay on the road to living a longer and fuller life.

The way you live your life can play a big part in keeping your heart healthy. At JFK Medical Center, our medically supervised Cardiac Rehab Program helps people just like you develop healthier lifestyles and recover from heart disease or a heart attack.

Most people think Cardiac Rehab is like a trip to the fitness center for a good workout. Actually, that’s only part of it. We combine exercise with education to help rebuild your strength, endurance, emotional well-being and self-confidence. We’ll help you learn how to make wiser food choices, cope with stress, manage your diabetes and even quit smoking.

You’ll learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes. Talk to your doctor today to see how you could benefit by enrolling in our Cardiac Rehab Services. A medical referral is required. Medicare and most private insurance companies do cover Cardiac Rehab. However some providers may require prior authorization.

A medical referral is required.  Contact your Cardiologist for a referral to our program.