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Going Home

During your stay, you will receive many sources of valuable information. One such source is your bedside information packet. At any time during your stay, please ask our staff any questions you may have. It is our goal to educate you to the best of our ability. We want you to feel confident in going home to care for your newborn.

You can tune in to the Newborn Channel on your TV in your room for educational programs regarding the care of yourself and your newborn.

Any specific instructions concerning yours or your baby’s care after discharge will be completed by your nurse. Birth certificates are available through the health department. A request for a social security card is submitted for you to the state. The birth certificate coordinator will provide you with a copy for your records.

Per Florida law, you will need to provide an infant car seat for your baby’s ride home. Please familiarize yourself with this equipment and have it inside your vehicle prior to discharge, for the safety of your infant.

You will receive instructions prior to discharge for follow-up care for yourself and your baby. If you have any concerns prior to the appointments, please call the healthcare provider.

JFK Medical Center offers continuing assistance to you and your family following your discharge; your nurse can provide a list of support groups and telephone numbers.