Cancer care in West Palm Beach

The JFK Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Institute is one of the premier hospital-based cancer treatment centers in Palm Beach County. Our trained and dedicated team is here to provide you with compassionate, comprehensive patient-centered care through a multidisciplinary team approach.

We incorporate the latest breakthroughs in technology, research, psychosocial services and survivorship programs. Our goals are to ensure the best clinical outcomes and to help guide you through your cancer journey.

To learn more about our complete spectrum of cancer services, please call the Cancer Institute at (561) 964-2662. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Our multidisciplinary team works closely with each patient—from diagnosis through post-treatment—to answer every question. Once a patient is diagnosed with cancer, we thoroughly discuss treatment options with you, which might include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy or a combination of these treatments.

Our cancer program is accredited by the Commission on Cancer (CoC). As a CoC-accredited cancer program, we demonstrate an important commitment to providing all patients with access to services they need, including diagnostics, treatments, rehabilitation and survivorship support.

A message from Georges Hatoum, M.D., Medical Director of the JFK Medical Center Comprehensive Cancer Institute, on our patient care philosophy

Types of cancer we treat

Cancer Center

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Breast cancer detection and care

The Breast Health Institute at JFK Medical Center offers complete care for breast cancer. Our breast health services include a range of advanced imaging technologies to identify breast cancer or abnormalities in all women and men, including those with dense breast tissue.

If you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, we can assure you that you are in the hands of experienced oncologists with access to a range of advanced treatment options. We offer treatment options that include breast surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Cancer care team

Our cancer program is made up of a range of healthcare specialists who come together to provide fully integrated cancer services to West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities. Along with our highly trained oncologists, our multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Therapy team—Our team of board-certified therapists is committed to meeting all the needs of our cancer patients. They provide our patients with the best cancer treatment therapies and technologies available.
  • Physics and dosimetry team—Our board-certified physicists and dosimetrists are highly skilled in planning individualized radiation therapy treatments for our cancer patients. They work closely with our radiation therapy oncologists to provide the most effective radiation therapy.
  • Nursing staff—Our registered nurses (RNs) work closely with patients and the entire cancer care team to ensure a positive experience for our patients.
  • Nurse navigators—Our nurse navigators work very closely with patients to ensure their tests and consultations are performed promptly.Additionally, they aid in the flow of information between the patient and all related physicians and specialists.
  • Dietitians/nutritionists—Our registered dietitians/nutritionists work with patients and their physicians to plan for the specific dietary requirements of patients.
  • Physical therapists—Our registered physical therapists work with our patients and their physicians to assist with the physical impacts of cancer treatment and ensure the best quality of life is achieved during treatment and into recovery.
  • Psychosocial team—Our psychosocial team is available to help patients and their families deal with the psychological effects of cancer. They help create a healing environment while restoring psychological balance.
  • Tumor registrars—Our certified tumor registrars are vital to maintaining our accreditation from the Commission on Cancer. Our registrars work to track and identify trends in patient treatments and outcomes to help us continuously improve the quality of care we provide. They also help us stay current with the most advanced technology, techniques and industry changes.
  • Survivorship Care Program—An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) provides each patient with an individualized survivorship care plan which empowers the survivor to gain a sense of wellbeing and improved quality of life through healthy life style changes as well as assists in the early detection of treatment related issues.

Nurse navigators

JFK Medical Center is proud to offer nurse navigator services to all our patients with cancer. Our in-house nurse navigators are involved in every step of your care process and serve as a go-to person for questions, concerns, scheduling and communication. Support from one of our nurse navigators begins at diagnosis and lasts throughout survivorship.

Your nurse navigator will help you with:

  • Education
  • Appointment coordination
  • Encouragement and support for physical, spiritual and psychological needs
  • Community outreach resources
  • Social services

In addition to our oncology nurse navigators, we also employ a specialized breast oncology nurse navigator who provides individualized care for breast cancer patients.

Radiation therapy

JFK Medical Center is at the forefront of radiation therapy oncology, offering a number of advanced radiation therapy options, including stereotactic robotic radiosurgery, brachytherapy and external beam radiation therapy. Our hospital is equipped with the latest technologies for tissue-sparing, highly localized radiation therapy, such as the CyberKnife® System and TrueBeam®.

We perform both noninvasive and surgical radiation therapies. Your treatment will depend on your specific diagnosis and relevant health concerns. We use advanced imaging as a vital tool in radiation therapy, specifically to localize treatment to the tumor or abnormality that we want to target.

Cancer recovery and wellness program

Following surgical treatment for cancer, some patients may be referred to a physical therapy and rehabilitation program to aid in recovery. We help you recover your range of motion and activity levels following surgery or intensive therapies, such as chemotherapy.

Additionally, we offer a specialized cancer recovery and wellness program. This program, led by our physical therapists, is an eight-week wellness program that provides an hour of exercise twice a week to increase strength and decrease pain. You have the option of a group setting that allows you to share your experiences with others who face similar challenges.